VA – Soft Touch Express 1-3

Label/Cat#: Trax Only – TRX 001-003
Year: 10 May, 2021
Genre: Bass, Disco, Breakbeat, House, Techno
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

Tracklist VOL 1
1. Shaun J. Wright – I Pray How My Ancestors Prayed (11:36)
2. Ruth Mascelli – Another Bump (06:06)
3. Olive T – Goth Circus (04:52)
4. Five – OOP (05:09)
5. Sappho & Damon Boucher – I Want You (05:17)
6. Bouffant Bouffant – Night Blue (06:42)
7. Sfireman – All Right (03:26)

[size=3]Tracklist VOL 2[/size]
1. Baronhawk Poitier – One Missed Call From A Tenderhawk (04:49)
2. Love Letters – My Love (feat LXS) (06:08)
3. Kim Anh – Recovering (06:40)
4. FFigure – Self Checkout (04:07)
5. Jacob Meehan – Codependent Funk (07:15)
6. Z72.52 – Time Warp (05:28)
7. Juana – 1E Strategy (06:56)

[size=3]Tracklist VOL 3[/size]
1. Bezier – Vocalise (06:06)
2. DJ NSA – Wya (feat 925) (06:38)
3. Ephemera – Lava Lava (04:47)
4. Ariel Zetina – Security Theatre (05:27)
5. Alinka – Strangers Together (06:03)
6. Jasmine Infiniti – Iono (06:08)
7. Good Xtreme – People In The House (04:44)

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TRAX ONLY presents SOFT TOUCH EXPRESS: A 3 Volume Compilation from the Queer Dancefloor.

After a year of social isolation, Trax Only’s first compilation, SOFT TOUCH EXPRESS assembles some of our favorite DJ/ producers in spirit. While it has been a destabilizing time for many DJs, the quarantine has also allowed for downtime to hone in on production. SOFT TOUCH EXPRESS hopes to be a channel for this unexpected creative expression.

Accompanying the 3-volume compilation, is SOFT TOUCH EXPRESS: THE ZINE – a series of conversations with our contributing artists and reflections from friends familiar with the scene. Get to know the producers’ roots, what motivates them, what they’ve been meditating on, and their artistic process.

So many of our ideas stem from intimate moments shared on loud, crowded dance floors. A year into this “new normal” and the world is dramatically different for anyone involved in dance music: the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the mass upheaval against racial inequality have made conversations about the future of our scene more urgent. We believe in the importance of creating space for discourse about nightlife and how to make it more sustainable for everyone, not just a select few. This project is an attempt to amplify the voices of those in our community – a moment to analyze why we do what we do, what we love about it, and how to grow it beyond ourselves.

TRAX ONLY is a New Orleans based DJ collective made up of Father Figure, Kathi Kniess, and Bouffant Bouffant. Their debaucherous all-nighters have hosted notable DJs and performers from the global queer dance party mycelium, while garnering a fierce community of up and coming local talent. Trax Only found fertile ground for the rave in the back alleys of a city known for its decadence, no last call, and a crowd that defies binaries.

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