TSVI – Sogno

Label/Cat#: Nervous Horizon – NH013
Year: 2021-06-11
Genre: Bass / Club
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. TSVI – Modulatrum (05:53)
2. TSVI – Sospiro Sospirando (05:29)
3. TSVI – Sogno (04:58)
4. TSVI – Disturbo (05:48)
5. Randomer & TSVI – Reflex (feat. Randomer) (05:01)
6. TSVI & Seven Orbits – Compos Mentis (feat. Seven Orbits) (05:56)

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‘Sogno EP’ is an exploration into various different types of dream states and altered states of consciousness. Each track is a journey inside the mind’s most deep and intricate illusions and hallucinations.

The project dives into the abstract and eerie worlds of our subconscious minds. Inspired by surreal dreamscapes, trance states and the concept of shadow work, each track explores a different
aspect of the depth of the human psyche. Barzacchini particularly looks into his own unconsciousness and brings different parts of it into his musical creation.

With intricate rhythms, slower beats inspired by techno, dancehall and little to no melodies, the record uses italian asmr and spoken words to enhance the hazy and hypnotic feeling present throughout the record.

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